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For over two decades, I have created powerful healing protocols for my clients that offer profound results in resolving a vast array of health issues.

Julianne is dedicated to helping people achieve their highest level of radiant health!

Hello and thank you for your interest in reading about my holistic health background.

I look forward to connecting with you in person!


My approach in helping clients achieve radiant health comes from a broad range of healing modalities I have learned and utilized for over 25 years.  Education wise, I have a Liberal Arts undergraduate degree with honors from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota and a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Bridgeport University, CT.

I have also done extensive training with Master Herbalists such as Matthew Wood, and studied for two years at the renowned ESSH School of Homeopathy in Arizona.  During my time in Arizona, I also received certification as an Aromatherapy.


In addition, I am certified to practice Advanced Level Quantum Reflex Analysis, a highly effective testing system that assists in preventing and resolving a vast array of health issues.  I also regularly spend over 20 hours a week researching new developments in all areas of natural health. 


My teaching in the wellness field includes giving nutritional wellness classes at the 159 Natural Grocer's store chain and the world famous Ashland Food Co-op  I was also recommended by the late, much revered osteopath Dr. James Jealous.  Some of my favorite lectures I have given were at the Oregon Chocolate Festival on the health benefits of chocolate and how to make chocolate desserts healthy and tasty.


I believe each person requires an individualized program for achieving radiant health. These include tailoring a food plan unique to your biochemistry/lifestyle, the targeted use of nutritional and herbal supplements and Quantum Reflex Analysisl testing to attain the wellness you desire. 


Areas I work in with clients (references provided when requested) include digestive health, healthy weight balancing, detoxification, immune system health, holisitic recipes and meal plans, enhancing sleep quality, increasing energy levels, brain and mental health, sports performance and injury rehabilitation, hormonal balancing, anti-aging, reducing inflammation, and much more!  These are custom designed for all ages including children.  


Please feel free to contact me at or on my contact page.

I am also available by phone or to schedule an appointment at (507) 216-2369.  I look forward to meeting you and making the quality of your life more enjoyable!


Best, Julianne

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