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Success Stories

Celebrating the hundreds of people who have
transformed their lives with Julianne

Working with Julianne has been a game changer for me!


Her testing method is nothing short of a miracle.  What I love is she is can get down to the key factor of what your body needs support with.  Initially for me it was my gut, which ended up getting handled by one single supplement.  My entire body tested so strong on it!  I was truly amazed at that!  Julianne is so intuitive and lovely, one of the most knowledgable and caring people I’ve ever met!

She really treats you as the individual that you are.  I love how specific the protocol is to my own body.  There’s nothing blanketed about it.  If your looking to handle or optimize your health - Julianne is your girl!

I would highly recommend seeing her!!

              ~ Carolyne Neuman

I can’t say enough about the help that I got from Julianne.

I went to her in September of 2014 with chronic diarrhea.  It had been going on since July and my doctor could not find the cause or a remedy.  By the time I saw Julianne I had lost 20 pounds…just skin and bones.  Julianne did QRA testing and provided me with appropriate digestive and detox aids as well as dietary counseling.  She helped me identify (through QRA testing) foods that were compatible as well as foods that I should avoid.  I followed Julianne’s recommendations and many of my symptoms, such as cramping, bloody stools, stomach aches, poor sleep, and brain fog, disappeared right away.  The diarrhea quickly started to diminish and I started to feel in control again.  Julianne is so experienced, knowledgeable, and good at what she does, that I just stopped worrying so much and trusted her and the process.  This helped me to allow the healing to happen within and without.  

I am very thankful for Julianne’s support and guidance.  I appreciate all the time and attention that she gave and continues to give.

              ~ Linda M.

As a freshman in high school, I started suffering from extreme health problems after receiving the Gardasil vaccination. I traveled everywhere searching for answers but received almost no help on how to treat my symptoms from any of the doctors that I visited. Finally I found Julie Soteriou.

Julie has helped me to regain my life and to keep going after the goals that I once believed had been taken away from me. Julie is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. She has so much compassion for every single person and would do anything for you in order to help you regain your health. She has never once given up on me, like other health practitioners did, when things got difficult and the answers weren’t easy. Unlike most health practitioners that you encounter today, Julie is in her profession solely to help people. Julie has made a great impact on my life, and she has influenced me to become a health professional myself so that I can help others regain their health.


Julianne has been such an inspiration to our family over the years, with her kind spirit and her wealth of knowledge in holistic health and healing!

She has not only healed many chronic and acute ailments in our family, of five, but she has also shown us how to maintain our health by guiding us with nutritional advice and ideas. Wow, what a difference that has made, in trying to raise 3 very athletic and adventurous boys! As all parents know, the illnesses and injuries with kids can be overwhelming. With injuries, Julieanne has shown us how to quicken the healing process with "mud packing" and specific supplementation. With illnesses, she has used an unique protocol to advice on supplementing with excipient-free, and premium holistic products.
Lastly, I would like to site a specific chronic health issue  my husband was dealing with 6 years ago.

He would get skin infections (cellulitis) often, over the course of several years. Invariably, he would be hospitalized for 3 or more days with an antibiotic drip.  Over the last years, Julieanne has advised Jeff on how to take charge of his health,  which has allowed him to manage his condition without serious intervention and no side effects.
Thank you Julieanne for helping our family heal and augment our health.


With gratitude,

Christina and family

I have been a client of Julies for a number of years and her level of knowledge of the body and how it functions continues to amaze me.  I have had over the years many immune system issues and allergy issues.  Julie can explain what is happening in my body and suggest supplements or diet changes to help me.  I have even called her when confused about my reaction to certain metals and she can explain what is happening with my body.  The tea for stomach upset has been truly a wonderful addition to my health and well being.

Julie is a blessing in my life for the understanding, knowledge and compassion she has on my journey to health.

Linda E.

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