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The Top Five Keys To Health

Title: The Top 5 Keys to Health

July 10th, 2017

Through the 20 plus years I have practiced as a Clinical Nutritionist, the question I am asked most often is “What are the most important nutritional pearls that will have the greatest impact on my health?” The field of nutrition can feel overwhelming-especially with the availability of “Dr. Google” to consult for information-which can educate and inform, as well as overwhelm and often be fraught with conflicting information. To simplify things, here are what I consider the top five keys to health that are fundamental for everyone in their quest for radiant health.

1. Maintaining an alkaline PH.

The best time to monitor the PH of your body is first thing in the morning by checking the PH of your first morning urine. You can easily do this by purchasing an inexpensive roll of PH paper. The ideal range is 6.4-7.0. By checking it first thing in the morning, you are reflecting your body’s true PH not influenced by various foods. The benefits of achieving a consistently optimum PH are profound and could fill volumes. Most importantly, for every 1/10 of a percent increase in PH is a 100 fold increase in tissue oxygen and oxygen to the brain. This translates to much more ENERGY! Achieving a high level of physical and mental energy is a challenge for so many-and it all starts with oxygenation to the body. When PH is optimal, the brush border cells (found at the lining of the gut) are able to defend against bacterial, viral, parasitic and heavy metal invasion. Oxygen is power! To state it another way, disease processes thrive in an acidic PH bioterrain in the body. When the body is acid, stress hormones increase (cortisol) which causes increased inflammation, low blood sugar, and erodes the bones, tendons and ligaments. Athletes and active people can preserve the integrity of their body well into advanced years by keeping PH alkaline. Achieving optimal PH is done through a combination of the correct diet and mineral supplementation-which is important work I do with my clients.

2. Digestion

The importance of digestion has received much more press in the last several years, as research into the Intestinal Microbiiome-now termed “the second brain” has advanced greatly. Most importantly, you are what you absorb. I often tell my clients that you can invest in the highest quality organic food, yet if you are not digesting it optimally, your cells are not receiving the nourishment. There are many aspects to digestion that I address-this is an area where the kinesiology testing I work with “Quantum Reflex Analysis” is particularly beneficial in being able to pinpoint the root causes of digestive challenges and provide an individualized assessment.

3. Detoxifying the Body

When our Ph is in ideal range and our digestion is excellent, this is the time to begin specific detox strategies. Many people jump on cleanses as a “quick fix” and when the cleanse is over the benefits diminish quickly. I prefer to address PH and digestion and then the body is well equipped to detoxify on a daily basis. Our bodies are designed to cleanse out harmful pathogens and heavy metals when the bio-terrain of the body is balanced. It is also important to ensure healthy kidney function before going on any cleanses. If the fundamentals are not addressed first, pathogens may end up moving around from one location to another inside the body instead of excreting them. Once these key areas are balanced first, I work with many different detox programs depending on individual needs. Examples of these are releasing parasites, restoring the proper bacterial flora in the gut, as well as balancing candida fungal levels . One of my favorite detoxification methods involves therapeutic clay body packs “Medi-body Packs” which involve applying healing clays to injury and trauma sites of the body. (For more info on the link “Medi-body packs” )

4. Hormone Support

We are more hormonally challenged in today’s world then ever before. In fact, the average 60 year old man has higher estrogen levels then the average 60 year old woman! There are a myriad of reasons for this. My interest in hormones began over 20 years ago when I wrote my Master’s Thesis on solving PMS and it has remained one of top areas of rigorous study. Hormones are exquisitely complex and every-changing with each stage of life for both men and women. Balancing hormones involves working with many levels-dietary, sleep patterns, lifestyle patterns, emotions, stress reduction strategies, as well as herbal and bio-identical balancing formulas as needed.

5. Anti-Aging Support

The best way to achieve youthful vibrant health is through addressing the first four principals I have outlined.Also of paramount importance in staying young in mind body and spirit are connections with others, a sense of purpose and shared community, and tending to our spiritual and emotional needs. Books such as “The Blue Zones” have outlined this in detail. Physical activity levels are also key. My work as a Clinical Nutritionist involves helping each person find their optimal diet and lifestyle that supports high energy levels, chronic disease prevention, and mental and emotional well-being. The goal for many people is to lower inflammation while staying active and injury-free well into their advanced years. This is a very realistic and attainable goal when you learn how to care for and nurture ourselves.

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