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Young Coconut Water Kefir Recipe (Dairy Free)

Top Benefits of Young Coconut Kefir;

Stops sugar cravings

Aids in the digestion of all foods

Cleanses the intestines and liver

Eases aches and pains (anti-inflammatory)

Clears up skin problems and promotes radiant glowing skin

Improves vision

Makes hair, skin and nails healthier because of its high mineral content

Cleanses and balances hormones (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries)

Recipe from, who provides wonderful kefir starter culture packets!


Two young coconuts

Sharp knife

Potato peeler

1. Lay young coconut on its side and cut several thin slices from the bottom.

2. A circle will appear (often white, sometimes a brown ring). This is the 'soft spot" that goes into

the center of the coconut to access the coconut water.

3. Set coconut into the kitchen sink so the cone shaped head nestles firmly into the drain.. Poke through the soft spot creating a hole in the coconut shell.

4. Widen the hole with the potato peeler so water can easily pour out.

5. Pour coconut water into desired glass container with a strainer over it.

6. Gently heat coconut water on stove at very low heat until temp. reaches 92 degrees F.

7. Pour warmed coconut water into desired glass fermentation jar. Any glass jar with a tight fitting lid works well.

8. Add one kefir starter culture packet (available at

9. Stir very gently into coconut water (avoid shaking or agitating) and place lid on glass jar.

10. Ferment coconut water at room temperature for approximately 36 hours. (ideal room temperature should be 70 to 70 degrees F)

11. Once fermentation is complete, refrigerate. It keeps up to 7 days in the refrigerator.

12. Drink a few ounces a day and enjoy the amazing health benefits!!

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